Tibetan Singing Bowls Set Of 3 (Medium Bowls- 3rd-4th Octave)


Tibetan Singing Bowls Set Of 3 (Medium Bowls- 3rd-4th Octave)

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This Tibetan Singing Bowls Set includes 3 medium bowls and a suede ended mallet.

3 Medium 3rd -4th Octave Bowls. Size range normally 6-7.5"

The Tibetan bowls will be selected so when two of them will be tapped, to create a harmonious interval, and another bowl will be selected to create dissonance.

These bowls are made by artisans in India. They are hand beaten and they have some makers marks on them from the manufacturing process. It is the hand working that gives these bowls their richness of sound and overtones. Bowls that are totally smooth are generally machine made, and we do not stock them.

If you already have one medium sized bowl and wish to purchase two others to create harmony and dissonance for sound healing, please email us and let tell us what you already have, and we can see what would we have available to make up the set of 3. It is is possible to do this with medium sized bowls or smaller bowls.

Please note this is a set that is already put together to create good musical intervals and we are not able to select notes of your choice.

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