We’re now supporting ‘8 Billion Trees’!

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The Sound Therapy Shop is very excited to announce that we are now supporting the Social Enterprise ‘8 Billion Trees’.

It is no longer a secret that climate change and unprecedented exploitation of the world’s resources, including deforestation, is threatening the very survival of all species on this planet.

8 Billion Trees

Sadly, we are now facing the world’s sixth mass extinction this planet has seen.

As the world increasingly responds to the crisis, international movements, such as Extinction Rebellion and the school strikes led by the ever-popular Greta Thunberg, are on the rise and spreading rapidly across the globe.

We at the Sound Therapy Shop wanted to ensure we were engaging with and supporting the global movement.

And we thought that a great way to do that would be to channel some of the profits from the Sound Therapy Shop into the Social Enterprise ‘8 Billion Trees”.

So, to start with, we’ve joined as a member!

8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees are not only planting, but also conserving trees all around the world.

In doing so, they are making huge strides in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

For every single member, they save 100 existing trees and plant 10 new trees per month.

But they don’t only just plant and conserve trees themselves. To have an even greater impact, 8 Billion Trees also partner with a variety of groups and charities.

This ensures trees can be planted in the most effective way possible and helps to create sustainable local jobs as well!

8 Billions Trees

Incredibly, since being founded in November 2018, 8 Billion Trees has already planted over 240,927 trees and has conserved over 83,000 acres of biodiverse Amazonian rainforest!

Now you can purchase your sound healing instruments knowing that the amazing work of 8 Billion Trees is being supported by us.

To find out more about 8 Billion Trees – click here

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